white food contest : only a few hours left...

pour le nouveau concours du blog 365blanc
il s'agit d'une recette de cuisine blanche ...
riz, pates, creme, sucre glace, oeufs, salsifis
poireaux, cardons, endives, asperges, poisson,
puree , tarte, soupe , sorbet ...
il faudra cette fois ci, en plus de la ou des photos
le texte de la recette ...
date limite du concours : 8 mars

after our very first "show me your bed" photo contest
comes "blanc manger": for this new photo contest
this time , you have untill march 8 to send me your photos
and the text of a your white receipe
keep it simple and easy, soup, puree, pasta
risotto, cupcakes, pie, fish .. as long as it's white

waiting for the very last contestants tonight

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matthew turley


al hansen


a can of silver paint must be splashed outside on the floor
Silver City is a place where everything
is either very slow or very fast
it is like a tableau
it has a very special kind of time
it is different the way a memorial or a plaque
is different from a church or union meeting hall
... ritual is inferred but not practiced
... things are silver. things become silver
... a girl lies in bed and writes a letter home
a girl dictates it to her
the bed is elevated
and higher in back that in front
in a stage prop way
... there may be dancers
there are projections
... a large form of a man
is made with wood and cardboard
hair is newspaper. sunglasses . . .
a giant Andy Warhol is made
... there are aircraft sounds
everyone is covered with news
... a couple has a conversation.

white noise #19 flux tellus

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